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About Ezaga

ezaga is developing our corporate mission, we always pay the utmost attention to our customers present or anticipated needs. Therefore, we create user-friendly solutions. We are heading towards becoming the leading distributor of Airtime, Bundles, Electricity, Vouchers and Payments Bank.

Airtime & Bundles

If you want cheaper airtime for yourself, family, friends, or colleagues, ezaga is for you. You get an immediate cashback on your purchases.


You can also buy prepaid electricity. Prepaid Electricity is fast becoming South Africa’s easiest way of being connected to the electricity grid.


ezaga enables you to make any payment to any banking institution. We also introduced Money Transfers not only from Retail stores but from our agents in your area.

Features of Ezaga

Some of the major features that will make you join ezaga NOW!

Money Transfer

When you send money to a phone number the recipient will get a text with a secure link


Represents one of the most far-reaching development and practical applications of science and engineering


All data bundles last for a month and automatically renew. We’ll text you when your bundle’s about to renew


Electricity is the most versatile energy source that we have; it is also one of the newest homes

Foreign Remittance

Foreign exchange services to individuals for remittance(s) of medical treatment, foreign studies and availing foreign exchange while traveling abroad

Human ATM

Cash In and cash Out via a person that is registered as an ezaga affiliate

Ezaga Scan and Pay

This offer is applicable across South Arica at Spaza Shops, Grocery Stores, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Petrol Pumps, Dairy outlets, Pharmacies, Parking, Auto/taxi Rides, Hospitals, Automobile Services, Beauty & Fitness etc. on payment transactions done by scanning the QR Code at selected merchants registered with ezaga Cashback will be awarded for every transaction to you.

Empower your Business

Become a trader today and earn! Enable Traders such as Spaza shops, agents on the ground etc. with the capability to receive and send money on behalf of beneficiaries.


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Your Cashback

The transactions below provides a view how you can earn cashback



All Networks
0.15 Cashback
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Data Bundle


0.45 Cashback
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Transfer Money


1 Transaction
5.5 Cashback
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Find answers and general information about Ezaga Application

Ezaga is banking the unbankable, We are the leading distributor of Airtime, Bundles, Electricity, Vouchers, and Payments via the ezaga app. Pioneering in re-selling, distributing and most of all making it easier for the middle and lower income groups in the South African market.
Download the Ezaga App via Play Store. Contact Us and we will assist you. Contact Details: +27 (86) 662-0827 Email Address : ezaga@ezaga.co.za
Through our partnership with our major Networks, Electricity Municipalities, Banking partner, we can offer our clients throughout South Africa the best possible deal. We support this business with our technological capability to enhance and serve the needs of the South African market. Our offering is attractive, easy-to-use and most importantly always operational.
You need to be able to make payments quickly and easily we believe that a transactional account should help you put money away, not make it more difficult to save.That's why we developed ezaga Account, An account that makes transacting more affordable, simpler and more secure while also helping you to grow your savings.You can use MTN Mobile Money to send and receive money, top-up MTN airtime, pay bills (DStv, ECG Postpaid, MTN Postpaid, School fees and more), buy & pay for insurance, pay employee salaries, pay for airline tickets and other goods and services. No need to travel far or wait impatiently to receive or send money.
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