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Let's save you some Zaga (Cash)

Monthly Account Fee R75

Zaga Cash Send (External Transfer) R10,95
Zaga to Zaga R1,00
Zaga Zone Send Money (Agent) R8,00

Send Money to Other Banks R2,50
Debit Order R3,50

Unallocated Funds Transfer R5,00
Zaga to Zaga Reversal Fee R5,00
Unpaid (Send Money to Other Banks) R5,00
Debit Order Decline Fee R5,00

POS Card Transaction R1,20
International Online Purchase 2,75%
Card Transaction Pos International 2,75% + R10

Cash Withdrawal Zaga Zone R5,00
Till Withdrawals R2,50
ATM Cash Withdrawal R5,00
Cardless Withdrawal at FNB ATM R10,95
Cardless Withdrawal at ABSA ATM R10,95

Receive Money

Receive Money From Other Banks R0,00
Receive Money From Other Banks To Ezaga Bank Account R8,00

Cash Deposits

Deposit at Zaga Zone R5,00
Cash Deposit at Retail Via Scode (R5.50 + 1%) + 15%vat
CD NEDBANK ATM R5,00 + R4,50 Per R100
CD NEDBANK BRANCH R16,00 + R1,50 Per R100
CD FNB ATM R5,00 + R4,50 per R100
CD FNB BRANCH R60,00 + R1,90 Per R100
CD ABSA ATM R4,50 + R4,50 Per R100
CD ABSA BRANCH R15,00+ R1,40 Per R100
ePay (Other Bank Card Top Up)
Credit Card R2.00 + 3.5% of top up
Debit Card R2.00 + 3.5% of top up

Send Proof of Payment Email R1,50
Send Proof of Payment SMS R1,50
Update SMS R0,00
Send Statement Up to Three Months R1,50
Send Statement Custom Date Range R10,00

Airtime 2% of transaction
Data 2% of transaction
Electricity 0-2% Municipality Dependent
DSTV R1,00 per trasnaction

Close Account R0,00
Replacement Card Delivery Fee R60,00
Replace Card R40,00
Dormant Account R5,00

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send zaga

Send, receive and request zaga.