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Safety tips

Outsmart Scammers with ‘Banks Never Ask That’

Stay Safe from Scams with These Tips

Every day regular people like you lose their hard-earned money with scams. Don’t fall for fake — learn how to spot shady texts, emails, and phone calls by knowing the things your bank would never ask. 

Text Message Scams

  • Slow down and think before you act 
  • Don’t click links
  • Never send personal information
  • Delete the message

Mobile Payment App Scams

  • Be wary of texts or calls about payment apps
  • Use payment apps to pay people you know and trust only (like your friends and family)
  • Raise the alarm on urgent payment requests or requests for additional money if the payment transaction isn’t going through
  • Avoid unusual payment methods

Phone Call Scams

  • Don’t rely on caller ID
  • Never give your personal, private and sensitive information to a caller
  • Watch out for a false sense of urgency
  • Hang up, even if it sounds legit

Email Scams

  • Avoid clicking suspicious links
  • Watch for scare tactics
  • Look for attachments and typos
  • Be skeptical of every email
  • Think before you click