What is a debit Order?

Debit Orders are a method of collecting money from a bank account with the express permission of the account holder. They are most commonly used to collect monthly subscriptions, premiums or repayments. eZaga offers a complete Debit Order Collection system, enabling you to collect recurring payments from your customers without the hassle.


Simpler and efficient ways to collect Zaga (Money)

Low Fees

We offer lower per-transaction fees that you may be used to and also pre-check account details to reduce the number of returned transactions.


Our systems are regularly audited by our banking partners. Our data assets are protected by iris-scan identification systems, day/night vision cameras and more.

Awesome Reporting

Exportable batch and audit reports are provided to manage and measure successful and rejected debit orders.

Electronic Mandates

Store your electronic mandates on your portal. View your client’s authority in a convenient manner.


Get paid sooner

Not like normal banks, receive 90% of your collection value paid on the day the debits are processed.


Transparency is our thing

You are not required to provide upfront surety. Up to 90% of your collection value is paid on the day the debits are processed.

Analyse your debit order collections with ease using our comprehensive reports and statistical data available on your online portal.

Debit order mandates can be voice recordings or paper- based and can be stored on your eZaga account for ease of reference

Surety Retention

This is the amount being retained as surety to be provided to the banks against the value of your batch. Surety, in effect, is a minimum liquidity level that we must provide the banks with in order to be able to process debit orders.

It is also used as additional cover for late returned transactions not provided for in your unpaid retention. Whatever remains of this amount after 22 working days will released to the available balance on your eZaga account.

Surety retention is 10 percent of the value of the batch and will be retained on every batch processed. Any amount remaining after 22 working days forms part of the available balance on your eZaga account.

Where the legal entity is a sole proprietor, the 10 percent surety will not apply. In this case, for the first 3 months after commencement date, eZaga will retain 100 percent of the value of any batch processed. After 22 working days any remaining amount forms part of the available balance and can be released to your bank account.

A surety retention of 20 percent will automatically apply after the initial 3 months.

This is the amount being retained from the batch value to cover returned transactions. The percentage is calculated on the average returns on batches for the past 6 months.

If the value of the unpaid transactions on a batch are lower than the amount being retained, any remaining balance will become part of your available balance after 22 working days. However, if the Unpaids are higher than this percentage then, as mentioned above, the extra unpaid value will be refunded out of the 10 percent surety retention.

Since we have no transaction history on the first batch, the unpaid retention for this first batch will be applied at 10 percent. Thereafter the retention will be based on the calculated unpaid history on the account.

Retention model

This model is the default method of security used when an account is initially activated. Both Surety Retention and Unpaid Retention are applied to every batch run.

Settlement model

Large volumes of unpaid transactions can impact negatively on Pay outs for future batches.

In order to assist in managing batch Pay outs, the Settlement Model does not withhold any Unpaid Retention, only Surety retention - but the proceeds of the batch will only be paid out after 3 working days since it is assumed that all unpaid transactions will have been returned by the end of this period.

Thus the batch amount paid out will be less the Surety retention plus fees and any unpaid transactions returned up to the point payment is made.

This model is enabled at the discretion of eZaga and can be applied for once the account is active.

All debit order transactions that run through an eZaga account must have an authority from the account holder (mandate) for the transaction to be legal.

With the initial registration eZaga will obtain copies of mandates and contact account holders to verify authenticity.

Mandates may also be requested from time to time should there be a high volume of disputed transactions or the clients requires an unusually high transaction limit. Clients are not required to lodge all mandates for all clients with eZaga.

In South Africa there are three recognised types of debit order mandates, namely:

  1. Paper based (written)
  2. Voice recordings
  3. Electronic

(For examples of mandates please refer to page attachments)

There is much speculation regarding electronic mandates vs digitally signed mandates and whilst PASA has sanctioned this in part, the banks do not accept this as a valid form of authority.

Until such time as a mandate been approved by the bank it will not be possible to authorize transactions to be processed using eZaga.

For a mandate to be approved by the bank there are a several compulsory requirements.

  1. Bank approved, ten character (including spaces) abbreviated name. This is based on the trading name of the business e.g. the business name is ABC Computers, the abbreviated name might be ABCCOMPUTE.
  2. One the mandate, a cancelation and assignment clause. Please see the mandate example for the correct wording. It is recommended that this wording be adhered to ensure that there are no delays with bank approval.

how it works

eDebit is simple and efficient.


Load Debit Order

Load your debit orders via our Online Portal.


Submit to the Banks

eZaga will submit all the debit order through to all the banks.


Collect funds

We credit your bizz account 90% of the collected funds.


View reports

View all reports on the online portal. View rejected and returned transactions as well.

Work smarter, let eZaga help you!