eStockvel to open

Link your eZaga Account to an eStokvel Account

No Monthly Fee

Mahala, eZaga charges as you use. No funny banking.

Easy to use

Access your stokvel on eZaga App, USSD or at our Zaga Zones

Link eZaga Account

Link you Account to the Stockvel Club and you good to go.


Withdraw at cash using your Mastercard at any ATM or Retail Store

eStokvel for everyone

Let eStokvel help grow your goals.

What you get

  • An eStokvel member can deposit funds via EFT
  • Main Member can invite member to the eStokvel
  • Main Member can remove or edit the members
  • Request for a withdraw, two members required to approve
  • Cardless withdraw at FNB and ABSA ATMs



  • Secure, very secure. View eStokvel account via app and USSD.
  • Grow you eStokvel on a capital investment account through eZaga Capital.
  • Buy goods on eStore and get a further discount, its all about saving.

Now this is Awesome

Register is easy

Open an eeZi or Top Account then link to your eStokvel Account. Simple, No headachesount. Simple, No headaches


Transfer from your eZaga Account to Stokvel Account

eStokvel Account

Be Zaga Wise!

Debit Card

ATM Withdrawal:
Retail Withdrawal:
POS Swipes:

Funds Transfer

To an eZaga Account:
To non eZaga Account:
Between Zaga Zones:
Withdraw at Agent:
R10 + 2% of Transaction


EFT from another Bank:
EFT from eZaga Account:
EFT Payment to another Bank:
EFT Payment to eZaga Account:


Zaga Zone:
Nedbank ATM:
R1 per R100
R4.50 + R1,40 per R100
R1,95 per R100

save with eStokvel

eStokvel comes with awesome rates

Transaction Activity


R1 – R999 0,25% per year
R 1000 – R19 999 0,26% per year
R20 000 – R49 999 1,75% per year
R 50 000 – R 69 999 1,80% per year
R70 000 – R99 999 1,90% per year


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register an eStokvel Account?

Download the app, register an Eezi or Top Account. Then link you your eZaga Account to the Stokvel Account.

How do I become a member of an eStokvel club?

Ask your main member to send you a request via the app. You will receive an SMS with a unique code. Simply enter the code and you will be connected.

Can I invite other members to Join?

Yebo, ask your main member to invite them on the app.


How do I deposit?

Deposit money into your eZaga Account and then transfer to you eStokvel account.

Can I EFT directly to eStokvel Account?

All EFTs can be paid directly to your eZaga Account and transferred to you eStokvel Account


Can I withdraw from eStokvel?

Yes, you will need two member to approve your request. Once Approved you can withdraw at any FNB or ABSA ATM. Or use your eZaga Card to withdraw at any ATM or Retailer.

eStore Purchases

What can eStore offer me?

eStore is eZaga’s e-commerce store. eStore offers many products from different suppliers. eStokvel members can purchase items on the eStore for a discount rate and save even more.